Frequently Asked Questions

I want to thank few people for their hospitality by sending them some gifts. Will you take care of this for me? Is it one large fee, or what?

Certainly we can do that for you. Regarding fee. For example, If we send gifts to five people in five cities, there will be a fee for each. If all the people are in one city or area, we then contact just one vendor, and charge one transaction fee.

We want to give a private theme party for 50 people in Dubai in Atlantis hotel. We'll have personalized autographed photos for each guest. Will you make all of the arrangements?

This is something we do throughout the country, and our clients have never been disappointed in our world-class service.

I would like to give to my wife a fantastic 5th wedding celebration. Can you charter a yacht for the afternoon and evening on Dubai Marina, along with a maitre-d, sommelier, chef, string quartet, and transportation to and from our hotel? There will be 8 of us.

Everything will be done on highest level. 

My company wants to let its employees know they are appreciated. Why should we choose Samana to outsource these services.

Probably because we have years of experience in the corporate field, and fully understand both the management perspective and the busy employee perspective.

Companies provide more and more personal services to help employees stay productive on the job, and allowing employees access to a concierge is one way to demonstrate the value of employees.

Management sets up an account with us, with a discounted per-transaction fee, and we do the rest. We arrange for any number of activities: food services, dry cleaning services, corporate massage therapy, gift buying and delivery, transportation: there's no limit to what a good concierge can do to help keep employees productive. In effect, we become part of the corporate team. If productivity increases, everyone is happy.